Film Credits

Kinder Yoren played by Boris is featured in the film
(Produced by Justin Olstein)
(C) 2017 Vivian Parry, Melbourne, Australia
St. Kilda Film Festival
Ties that Bind was chosen as one of Australia’s top 100 films
for the prestigious St. Kilda Film Festival.


Television Credits

Two songs played by Boris were featured in Episode 82,
Season 6 of Sex in the City, (HBO)
Avriemel Der Marvicher and Moyshele, Mayn Fraynd.


©Mészōly Nóra
©Mészōly Nóra



14 Melodies of Favorite Israeli Songs (2005)
The Soul of the Jewish Violin Volume 1 (2002)
The Soul of the Jewish Violin Volume 2 (2007)
The Soul of the Jewish Violin Volume 3 (2008)
The Soul of the Chassidic Violin (2004)
I Pray For You Jerusalem (2010)
Cry of the Soul – Chabad’s Nigunim (2011)
Shirin V’Rachshin: Songs and Praises (2012)
When I Fall in Love (2013) (Single)
Descubrir el Paraiso – Paradise Found (2013)
Alone and thinking of you… (2015)
Kinder Yorn (2017) (Single)
Boris Plays Color of the Night (2018)
All For You (2019)
Moonbeams All Around (2020)
Chanukah Violin (2020)
Journeys (2022)
Passover Violin (2023)


©Miguel Sanz/GettyImages/RF
©Miguel Sanz/GettyImages/RF


Borisviolin.com Specials

Ich Hob Dich Tzufil Lieb
Menucha v’Simcha (Takes 1 & 2) Instrumental
Yedid Nefesh Instrumental
Hasidi Freilich Melody
Hasidi Klezmer Medley
Shargorod Klezmer
La Boheme
Mes Emmerdes


Boris Writing Notes



Disclaimer: Boris made five CD’s of Jewish Music with the HaTaklit label in Israel in addition to playing on
several compilation albums featuring various artists prior to 2010.  Boris ended his  association with HaTaklit in 2010.